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When you are in the shit, laugh a bit.

27 март 2016   •   Новости   •   no comments   
Bulgaria, Sandanski, Hotel St Nicolas, March 27th – 27th.

While the first spring sun flows over the Pirin Mountains, 18 managers of the Bulgarian textile industry followed a special seminar on how to survive the global economy.wave.

The seminar was held in Sandanski, Bulgaria, near the Greek border,

Topics included the importance of games, recognizing the team players, moving tea players and monitoring results.

Marc de Turck ended with laughing and admiration as ultimate joker.

“When you are in the shit laugh a bit”.

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Macedonian business men learn the tools to find a blue ocean and to have more faith in their future.

2 март 2016   •   Новости   •   no comments   

Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.  March Wednesday, 2nd 2016.

15 Macedonian business man where invited by the local representative of IDEAS FreeBoss, Mss Verica Mazevska to come to a unique seminar, for the first time ever held in Skopje.

The seminar:  “Navigating in a Blue Ocean in the midst of the economic hardship”, attracted 15 business men of Skopje, curious to receive data on how to be more confident in the future and to find new markets.

Starting with simple real life examples on positioning and how to use those data to promote effectively, Marc de Turck and Verica Mazevska coached the attendees on practical solutions to find their position, the opinion leaders on the market and to promote this starting position in an effective way,   Real, day-to-day examples for each of the participants industry where discussed.

In the afternoon Marc coached the attendees, while promoting with a strong positions, via different real life examples into finding new Markets for each of the attendees.

Most of the attendees found such things as a Blue Ocean via what is called VALUE INNOVATION by really looking more at clients and by continuous surveys.

The seminar ended with the future trends of Faith Popcorn during which the participants are asked to adapt their product, their service or packaging following 10 simple trends of the future.

Since one of the purposes of IDEAS FreeBoss is to help business people to find new ideas, markets and then to help them to organize and step by step become more free, this seminar was in full harmony with the initial purpose of IDEAS.

That is also why most of the attendees after the seminar really found what to do and how to do it.
Purpose reached with those business people.

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