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Panagurishte Business People learn to survive in a difficult economic situation.

30 мај 2016   •   Новости   •   no comments   

Wednesday, May 25th, Panagurishte, Bulgaria.
IMG_20160525_102023 1The local business club of Panagurishte, Bulgaria, organised a seminar to business people in the offices of the Mayor of Panagurishte.


The Mayor himself opened the seminar with promise to help the local business community.



The seminar gave basic data to business people to survive in a difficult situation.



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Kirov Entrepreneurs enthusiastic about the Blue Ocean Seminar

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May 28th, Kirov Russia.

The local delovoy club with founders Sergei and Andrei, together with the IDEAS FreeBoss rep Anatoli Tkatchenko, organized a 2 days conference on business success in Kirov, Russia.

Marc de Turck was guest speaker on the second day.

Marc helped the more than 60 entrepenreurs in finding a new Blue Ocean, using different methods to think out of the box and to really find a Blue Ocean.


More than 70 % of the 60 entrepreneurs who attended the seminar found a new feasible idea for their business…. A Big success,






At the same time 12 entrepreneurs subscribed for the strategic coaching session of 3 days to make their ideas a reality.  This session will be delivered by the Delovoy-club Hubbard Consultants.

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Skopje Entrepreneurs get new ideas with Blue Ocean Seminar

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May 26th, Hotel Duvet, Skopje, Macedonia.
IDEAS FrIMG_20160526_160917eeBoss invited 10 special entrepreneurs on the Blue Ocean Seminar.





Lots of new ideas came out of the seminar and the entrepreneurs are ready to bring those ideas into reality.



More info on the seminars:






Vantage high tech solutions for Romаnia gets trained in expansion.

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IMG_20160517_092144Romаnia, Bucharest, May 16th. The company NIK Elektronics, leading high tech solutions for farmers in Bulgaria and long term partner of IDEAS, is seriously expanding (times 5 in 4 years) and did establish with a take-over of an old company, a new company called  VANTAGE Romаnia. read more