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The Bulgarian timber industry gets positioned.

30 март 2017   •   Новости   •   no comments   

Wednesday, March 29th 2017.  Bulgaria, Sofia.
The Bulgarian Timber Chamber invites Marc de Turck and Nevena Topalova as guest speakers on Positioning on the market.  17 companies of the timber market attended the lecture and received a unique, simple and practical approach which opened their eyes.

Ukrainian business people get tools to free themselves

6 март 2017   •   Новости   •   no comments   

Ukraine, Kiev, Diamant Centre, February 3th 2017.

Olerom, the leading events and seminars company in Ukraine, invites Marc de Turck as guest speaker to deliver his worldwide known FreeBoss seminar.

The seminar will be followed by a 3 day consulting session for VIPs in May.

Business Radio Group Ukraine (A group of 4 national radio stations with +/- 1000 000 listeners) made an interview after the seminar and will broadcast daily for some months an interview with Marc de Turck.  Marc speaks about different main points of a leader, a manager and about L.Ron Hubbard.

Also Strategic Business Review (a leading business magazine) interviewed Marc.