European PR icon – Maxim Behar and European Trainer Marc de Turck delivered together a seminar on PR in Sofia.

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Sofia, Saturday May 23th.  M3 college, founded by Maxim Behar organized a seminar on PR. Guest speaker Marc De Turck, international trainer, coach.

Maxim Behar, is an icon in PR in Europe, having build up relations with Kings and Ambassadors Europe-wide.  Maxim Behar is also the founder of the M3 college on PR.

Marc de Turck, known in Europe for his FreeBoss seminars and his seminars on emotions was invited as guest speaker.

Maxim opened the session with his own interest in emotions in PR.

Marc spoke about the importance of emotions.
Emotions are powerful tools of business to influence others.  Logic makes people think.  Emotions however make people act. A person who works in PR or marketing wants his audience to react.  And in this case the reaction of the audience will depend on the emotion of the person who is communicating, but also of that of the person who reacts.  That is why communicators need to know very precisely the emotions of others.  To understand the emotional state of the market marketing, we have an emotional tone scale. This scale helps marketers to use the right emotion to their audience so as to get response on a message. Emotions can be used both verbally and in writing and are really the most powerful tool in PR since PR deals with human emotions and reactions.

Maxim ended the seminar with the importance – in digital media – of using content, being self-confident and above all SPEED of action (reaction) in PR in today’s difficult economic environment..

According to the evaluations made after the seminar the PR seminar was a big success.

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Here you will find some pictures to show the positive sphere of the seminar.

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