J Point Bulgaria gets introduced into sales techniques

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Sales people today are overloaded with behavioristic tools and information on how to increase their sales.  Even though those tools and information have a positive effect on sales, I cannot but comment that it is risky business only to work with behavior.  Every person who is blindly in love knows after a while how risky it is to only look at the body or the behavior of a person.  There are quite some perfect actors on the sales market.

On the other hand, knowing the conviction of a person is not always easy.

What is than a no-fail technique to know who is in front of you?  Emotions.  This is the key. Emotions is the energy the person with his conviction gives to his body to move. And by looking at the energy, one can find what is the thinking of a person and look through the mask.

This has been proven of extreme big value in sales, especially when the client has a magnificent bahavior backed by a totally antagonistic conviction. The sales person in that case will fall in the trap of the buyer.

In order to overcome this, one has to know very well the emotions, since with this knowledge, the salesperson will be able to see more precise who will buy and who now.

With this information in mind, J Point invited Marc J. de Turck as guest speaker on a lecture held for its sales people.
Marc made the sales people realize what conviction really is and how to use correctly the emotions to move people.
Hereby some pictures.





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