The schools in Samokov get a full day of lectures about L.Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology and about drug prevention.

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The schools and the Municipality of Samokov took care of the knowledge of teenagers

Bulgaria, Samokov, Elementary School Peter Beron.  May 4th 2017.

The teacher Mariana Ilieva in Samokov School “Peter Beron”, who is licensed member in Applied Scholastics (C) invited Monique de Clerck to be guest speaker on 4 lectures to different classes teenagers and also to teachers.

In the afternoon Monique met the teachers of 15 different schools in the region.

In the morning Monique held 2 lectures, one on “L.Ron Hubbard’s (C) study technology” and the other one on “Drug prevention”. The total attendees in the morning were about 30 teenagers and 4 teachers.

Video of the lecture can be visualized on demand.

In the afternoon Monique was invited by the Municipality of Samokov to speak to 50 teachers of 15 different local schools in the region. She held 2 lectures on L.Ron Hubbard’s  (C) Study Technology. In total about 50 teachers from 15 different local schools attended those lectures.

2 local newspapers and 1 local TV broadcast to 40 000 people of the region and took footage and pictures. You can watch The TV on-line.

Hereby some pictures of the morning session.






Pictures of the afternoon sessions in the municipality were taken by the local newspaper  and TV, these pictures will be visible on Samokov’s web site soon.

If you want to know more about those lectures for your school, please contact

Monique de Clerck is guest speaker of the New Generation Families Association which is part of the IDEAS group.

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