What Successful Managers Don’t Do (Part1)

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I would like to direct your attention to something very simple but very important for managers. And this is: WHAT YOU HEAR AND ACCEPT DETERMINES YOUR SUCCESS.  WHAT YOU HEAR AND ACCEPT DETERMINES YOUR PROBLEM – which one you will choose is the question. They are both true.

Let’s get right to the point – the successful managers do not listen, instead they look. What they look, well they look the reality, the truth, the figures, the visible things, the progress, the real things, the things you can observe, the facts.

The reason I’m writing this article is that I have seen a lot of managers acting and managing based on some conclusion or rumors.  I would like to give you some examples in order to help you not to fall into this trap. One month ago I was in Macedonia speaking with some local managers and business owners. While we had lunch and conversation one of them said that the employees are moving from company to company, since they do not care about the firm and they are changing companies only because of the money. So if some company gives them more money than what they earn now, they will go there. One person said this, after that one more agreed with it, in 2 minutes all of the managers starts to complain and confirm this statement about the employees. Then I said did you checked this? Did you see how many people from your company did this? Did you see how many employees are really motivated and responsible for their position? Can you give me examples of motivated people in your team? So after this question it appears that actually there are more motivated people and the employees who jump from companies to companies because money are very small quantity.

I can tell you what follows if you listen without looking for the truth and figures: You take this negative opinion in your head without even looking at it. You accept it and start to believe it and of course this reflects on your way of managing people, so you start managing them and behaving with that view point based on negative opinion, on lie. And of course the result will be  – people switching companies for better salary. After all your behavior, based on rumors, is showing them that all managers are the same.


by Nevena Topalova


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